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Podcast: Digital Lizard Podcast Episode 1: Fear

Welcome to the first episode of the Digital Lizard Podcast. I thought I’d start the series off with a brief discussion of fear. You know, that thing that entrepreneurs and life hackers DON’T like to talk about. Hear a little

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Guest Post: 80/20 Marketing

Profits and the Pareto Principle By Perry Marshall   How to Earn Disproportionate Profits from High-End Customers      Young people will be excused if they can only think of coffee in terms of decadent delights, indie folk music, and

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The Roku, Laptop & a Journal as an Education Platform

For the last few weeks I have been learning a new programming language using a combination of the Roku and my laptop in the role of a laboratory. The approach reminds me a lot of the learning methods from when

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