Stuff We Use

The Lizards are big fans of:

Apple OS X and iOS devices, including the iCloud – do work, not work on a computer…
Real Studio – cross platform development for the rest of us
37 Signals – they keep it simple and make our work easier to do
Dropbox – this is an amazing service
Inspiration Software – especially Inspiration, InspireData & Inspiration Maps for iOS
Wordpress – running a website CAN be fun 🙂
Python – the glue that binds automated work together
Arduino – our go to source for hacking together new electronics solutions
Vonage – plug and play telephone access around the world
Skype – FaceTime with people who don’t have Apple products 🙁
OpenVPN – making remote access more secure for the world

Plus, these things keep us alive and smiling:
Teavana – their loose teas keep us hydrated and our brains functional
Senseo – their coffee makers keep us productive
Marks Daily Apple – the guru of “Primal Living”, keeps us going over 40 🙂