About Us

Digital Lizard, LLC is a special kind of company. It came out of a conversation while sitting on a beach in Bonaire (that’s where we met our icon, Iggy, while feeding him cherry pop overs…). The idea was that we were already successful entrepreneurs in serious companies. We wanted a way to engage with our talents in a different manner. A less serious way to do business, but with fun, useful and game changing outcomes. We wanted to be casual, change the world and give our families something to be proud of beyond the boardroom.

Thus, as the song says, “We don’t do business that don’t make us smile.”

Out of that toes in the sand, sun on our skins, breezy afternoon chat, we created Digital Lizard. Even our mission statement was easy to draft – “have some fun, help people, earn a friendly profit, make the world a better place”. That’s it. That’s what we are here for.

That same spirit, born on an island beach watching the waves roll in, is captured in all that we do here. From evangelism to consulting, we love teaching and spreading the word. We dig making things to help people and ourselves. We are totally into lifehacking, the nomad lifestyle we have come to love and watching other people’s hearts open as they begin to decrease their stress, make leadership easier and do more with what they have. That’s what being a Lizard is all about!