Stuff We Do

Our services are primarily broken up into three different categories:

Evangelism and Training:

Our Lizards can provide public speaking on a variety of topics, serving either as technical session speakers for deep dives into topics, or as keynote speakers – engaging and motivating crowds. Topics can be customized to specific events and messages can be tailored to emphasize specific content, if desired.

General topics of expertise:

  • Entrepreneurship and startup topics
  • Lifehacking, lifestyle design and business ownership with global lifestyle topics
  • Product design for subversive communities
  • Online crime/Privacy/Security topics
  • Living in the Caribbean
  • Global business, labor arbitrage and modern business with global resources
  • Of course we are also experts in our own stuff – EDSAM, MATT and other productivity frameworks we work with in our consulting practices
All of these topics can also be used as a basis for training courses or deep dive seminars. The Lizards have a variety of this content pre-packaged, but custom content can also be designed for specific events if timing and budgets allow.


Most of our consulting services revolve around teaching entrepreneurs lifehacking techniques, assisting them with process improvements and/or automation, helping them apply EDSAM and MATT to their businesses or occasionally solving some deep technical problem that other geeks have been unable to fix.  Productivity hacking aside, our technical skills encompass a wide range of technologies from Internet and networking to application development, data flow mapping and even information security. Thanks to our varied backgrounds, we can tackle problems in networking gear, architecture, embedded systems, mobile devices and applications of all sorts. If you have a thorn in your paw, and none of the other geeks seem to be able to get it out, PUT A LIZARD ON THE PROBLEM. We’ll see what our reptile skills can bring to bear!

Once in a while, investors, angels and other folks make contact with us asking us to either help them find cool new stuff that entrepreneurs are working on that fit their investment desires or we work with the investment folks to analyze a technical product to make sure it functions as expected, is scalable and is safe enough for public consumption. If you have needs along these lines, get in touch and we can discuss if our approaches make sense for your investment teams.


Since we do a lot of “odd stuff” around here and solve a lot of unique problems, we often spend our time making some pretty unique and cool stuff. The Lizards can generate custom code across a variety of platforms and languages to get stuff done. We can do rapid prototyping for software to turn ideas into working proof of concepts. We can often be found helping get an idea that has been stuck in an entrepreneur’s head up and running in the real world. Since our reptile brains relate better to stuff we can play with, we have gotten pretty good at quickly building out web and mobile apps, client/server designs and a ton of “odd code bits” here and there. So if you have an idea that you just can’t get off your mind and want to see what it would look like in real life, give us a call, maybe we can help.

When the Lizards aren’t writing the code that makes dreams come true, we can often be found building up custom stuff in the “world of atoms”. Here we can do  custom electronics, micro-manufacturing and custom system/appliance development. So, even if that idea in your head needs a gizmo, gadget or whatsit to make it happen, the Lizards may be able to make it or know someone who can.

Lastly, the Lizards specialize in making “ideas”. They have invented a long list of products for businesses, consumers and everyday people. EDSAM, MATT and a variety of other productivity and lifehacking frameworks have emerged from their caffeine addictions, so if what you really need is an idea or a way to see which of your ideas are worth pursuing, the Lizards may be able to help. Give us a call for a free conversation about it and we will tell you if we can assist or point you where we would go to further your quest if it were ours.

That pretty much covers it. That’s the gist of what we do around here. Just one last thing, we always play by the rules that “Uncle Jimmy Buffett” taught us – “We don’t do business that don’t make us smile”. We hope you don’t either. So let’s engage in some conversation, commerce and capitalism, but let’s always do it with a smile.

You can reach the Lizards here if you want to discuss having some fun together.