Reflections on a Pitch Session

I attended an entrepreneur lunch session today, and I was struck by how many folks are full of great ideas. Ideas that could turn into powerful products and services, EXCEPT that the people who seemed to be discussing them appeared to lack enough will power to actually DO anything to make them come to life.

Ideas flowed around the table with fluidity and grace. Some of the ideas were mashups, some recycled and some brilliantly meaningful in their newness. But, whenever the seasoned entrepreneurs at the table dug in and asked the idea owner about how to make it come to life, there seemed to be quite a bit lacking on the side of doing. They talked about raising money, about marketing, about the logistics of making the idea work. But whenever we turned to getting started, finding the first 3 steps and defining them clearly, breaking their dreams down to a minimum viable product, the conversation lagged. 

Clearly, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It’s hard work. It’s risky. It’s rewarding, yes, but it’s also tough, scary and a roller coaster ride. As with many of these idea pitch round tables, the dreams are big but the will to make them come true is often lacking. Clearly, we need more do in our society. We need more people willing to engage, to strive, to build, to make and to grow. They need to push their boundaries, help break our expectations and generate a whole new concept of what it means to succeed. I want them to. I want YOU to. The question is, do YOU want to DO it bad enough to actually DO it? Until you pass the gut check of going from IDEA to DOING IT, we won’t know. 

Take those steps. 

I can’t wait to see what you make, what your dreams coming to life begins to  resemble and what kind of passion it awakens in your heart. Join me on the seasoned entrepreneur side of the table. It’s worth it! 

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