Give Yourself The Permission to Face Your Fears

Give yourself permission to do something out of the box. 

Today, technology has made having your own radio or TV show so simple that it’s a shame not to do it. Sure, you might not get it on broadcast radio or TV, but a podcast or video posted to youtube, might even get you a global audience instead. The problem is – it starts with you. You have to have the courage to do it, to face your fears, to create a message and put it out there. You have to give yourself permission to fail or succeed, but either way, it all starts with giving yourself the permission to try. 

Want your business to grow? Make something happen. Put together an event for potential clients. Start a forum, or pull together a summit. Create a way for folks to connect and exchange ideas. Build clubs, user groups or just have a coordinated lunch with anyone in your community. Putting people together is a great start, assuming you can give yourself permission to make it happen. 

What are you waiting for? What else has to be right for you to get started? Just step out. Raise your voice. Make it happen. Give yourself permission to face your fears.

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