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Recently, I was in an online chat with someone who was asking me about how I eat to maintain the energy levels I use to do what I do. She suggested I post this segment to the blog for folks who are interested. THUS… 🙂

I follow the primal blueprint. It’s roughly paleo. Still works in dairy. It’s easy for me and works fine.
I find that the more I learn, the more I drift toward Paleo and natural foods.
I’ve looked at the science. And I believe it to be pretty strong. But, you should do some research and learn for yourself.
I’d start with a few books: the Primal Blueprint, the Decision Tree, It Starts with Food. Those three, IMO, should be required reading for most ppl. They are basically users guides for your body, science data and food.
I think of food as programming code. Same with exercise. My body is a system. If I tweak the inputs and send the right instructions, it responds as expected. Send in bad code (bad foods, poor sleep, poor movement) get bad results. Tweak foods, sleep and movement and get optimal performance from the system, healing, recovery and eventually (I hope) biostasis.
It is the natural goal (in my opinion) of all living things to seek and enforce biostasis. It’s just that we have whacked our systems so grossly as humans that biostasis in a natural state requires significant effort. You won’t find it in the food pyramid or the SAD (standard american diet).
It’s important to note, however, that while I embraced the science of Paleo, I reject the “religion “of Paleo.
You know me. I’m not one for fanatical beliefs. I don’t think we need to emulate caveman behaviors or live in yurts to be healthy. I try various things using the scientific method. If it works for me, I keep it. If not, “buh bye”. It’s lifestyle hacking. Not religious dogma as diet guidance. At least for me.
Your mileage and paranoia may vary, as usual… 🙂

What kind of lifestyle with regards to foods and health do you find helpful? How do you engage with science and data in a personal way? Drop me a line on Twitter (@lbhuston or @digitalliazrdsw) and let me know. If there’s interest, I’ll post more on this topic.

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