Top Three iPad Apps I Use Today

From time to time, I’ll be posting the list of the top 3 apps I use on devices or for specific purposes. In this case, someone asked me what the top 3 apps I use on my iPad are. 

I’m going to assume we are talking about apps that don’t actually come with the iPad, because the top 3 used apps would be Mail, Safari & Calendar, otherwise. Effective, but not very exciting…

That said, the top 3 apps I use as an app store purchase on my iPad are:

Echofon – In my opinion, one of the best Twitter clients available, across the platforms. Excellent sync, awesome interface and a beautiful GUI.

Skype – Let’s face it, Skype just rocks. The iPad experience is amazing. The video conferencing is truly useful and it helps me stay in touch with the office and my family when I am on the go around the world. I also use it on my Mac and iPhone, but the iPad is the best experience of all of them for doing on the fly video conferences.

Status Board – Everything that makes my world move in one glance. Customization took a bit, but now, I use it throughout the day as a second screen. I pop it up while I am in meetings to use the data to discuss agenda items and as a timer. My office also uses Twitter to interact with clients and such, so its views have given us great meeting insights in real time over the last few months. Overall, it’s stable and fantastically useful!

Those are the top 3 for now. Touch base again soon for more top 3 apps. Wanna know what I am playing with? Drop me a line on Twitter (@lbhuston or @digitallizardsw) and I’ll try and work your questions into a future post. Have fun and stay safe out there! 

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