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So, the more I thought about my last post on motivation, the more I thought it was sort of a cop out on my part. Sure, all of those things are true for me. They are all tools that I use to stay motivated. But, they aren’t the single biggest reason I stay motivated. That reason is this:


Yes, YOU keep me motivated. When I am working in information security, I truly see myself working to make the world a safer, better place. When I am doing technology evaluation for VCs, I see myself as figuring how this technology can make your life better. If I am teaching life hacking to entrepreneurs or knowledge workers, I am doing it solely with the focus that I want to help them change their lives and the lives of their customers.

YOU are the reason I do these things. If I did them, solely for me, I would have burned out already. Doing things like evaluating the security of the voting systems or the power grid are hard work. The details are endless. They are tiring. They are also emotional, meaningful and could mean huge social differences. Thus, they are important and they have the power to change YOUR life. That’s why I pay attention to them. That’s EXACTLY why I have spent the limited days I have on this planet focused on things like them. Sure, there are other rewards, like freedom and money and fame. But those rewards don’t match the cost for me. They aren’t enough to keep me going. YOU ARE.

So, the next time you wonder why I look like crap when I am speaking at an event, or why I am amped up on Twitter doing deep protocol research at 3am on some archaic device that keeps the lights on, you can know that I do it for YOU. It’s not ego. It’s not BS. It’s not the money and it certainly isn’t about the desire to do hex analysis of files in the megabytes to stay amused (they aren’t all that amusing, actually…). It really, really, really, is all about YOU.

I can’t speak for other entrepreneurs and why they do what they do every day, but for me, and I expect, a lot of other folks, deep down inside, the answer is the same. As always, thanks for reading and thanks to those who pushed back on the non-personal post about motivation. You were right to ask for more. Hopefully, you feel you got it this time. If not, drop me a line! 

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