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Great Insights on a Dying Startup

I just read this fantastic article on someone who is killing their startup. It is full of great wisdom, sadness and a lot of lessons. Give it a read. My Startup Has 30 Days to Live

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Creative Whack Pack

I just noticed that the Creative Whack Pack was in this month’s surprise box from Tim Ferriss. I am a pretty big supporter of the Whack Pack approach. It has helped me generate more than a few ideas and serves as

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13 Ways to Stay Productive on Dark Days

I read this article a few days back and I thought that with all the talk I did the last couple of weeks about motivation, it was a great fit. That said, check it out here:  LifeHacker: 13 Ways to

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App Review: Inspiration Maps

As many of you know, I am a HUGE believer in mind maps. I think they are a very very helpful tool to understand and communicate an idea, workflow or process. As such, I have been a long time supporter

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More on Motivation

So, the more I thought about my last post on motivation, the more I thought it was sort of a cop out on my part. Sure, all of those things are true for me. They are all tools that I

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