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Quick Thoughts on Motivation

One of the questions that people often ask me is how do I stay motivated. I get this question a lot from entrepreneurs and knowledge workers where I’m speaking at various events or teaching. While motivation is a unique and

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Review: Fancy Hands Virtual Personal Assistants

So, first, let me say that using a VPA has been a rough road for me. I have tried a variety of companies, a plethora of plans and a myriad of approaches. I have hired a semi-dedicated VPA which did

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Why It Doesn’t Usually Matter When They Say You’re Wrong…

Just a quick thought today. I recently hired a new person for one of my businesses, and they don’t exactly fit the mold of what many people expected. They have a skill set that is more broad than we have

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Interested in an EDSAM/MATT Webex Session?

We are considering attempting an online version of our popular EDSAM and MATT training course. In this class, which has usually been presented as a four hour face to face session, we cover the basics of EDSAM and MATT. Students

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App Review: StatusBoard for iPad

I wanted to take a moment and write a quick review about a new favorite app for the iPad I have been using heavily for the last month. It is called Status Board ($9.99 on the app store). Basically, it gives

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The More You Make, The Better

No, this isn’t an article about money. This is about vision. The more you imagine, the better. The more things that take the leap from your imagination into reality, the better. You can succeed in business and in life, simply

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