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Breaking the Grip of Fear of Success: 3 Tools

I know that fear of success is real. I know it causes your heart to beat fast in your chest. I understand that the LAST thing you want to do is ask someone to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

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Podcast: Digital Lizard Podcast Episode 1: Fear

Welcome to the first episode of the Digital Lizard Podcast. I thought I’d start the series off with a brief discussion of fear. You know, that thing that entrepreneurs and life hackers DON’T like to talk about. Hear a little

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Reflections on a Pitch Session

I attended an entrepreneur lunch session today, and I was struck by how many folks are full of great ideas. Ideas that could turn into powerful products and services, EXCEPT that the people who seemed to be discussing them appeared

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Give Yourself The Permission to Face Your Fears

Give yourself permission to do something out of the box.  Today, technology has made having your own radio or TV show so simple that it’s a shame not to do it. Sure, you might not get it on broadcast radio

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More on my Food Lifestyle…

Recently, I was in an online chat with someone who was asking me about how I eat to maintain the energy levels I use to do what I do. She suggested I post this segment to the blog for folks

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Back from Toronto & Ottowa

So, we just got back from a week of travel to Toronto and Ottowa. In both places, we were severely hampered by lack of easy access to wireless data. Sure, we came prepared for searching the cities for wifi hotspots

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The Roku, Laptop & a Journal as an Education Platform

For the last few weeks I have been learning a new programming language using a combination of the Roku and my laptop in the role of a laboratory. The approach reminds me a lot of the learning methods from when

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Top Three iPad Apps I Use Today

From time to time, I’ll be posting the list of the top 3 apps I use on devices or for specific purposes. In this case, someone asked me what the top 3 apps I use on my iPad are.  I’m

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13 Ways to Stay Productive on Dark Days

I read this article a few days back and I thought that with all the talk I did the last couple of weeks about motivation, it was a great fit. That said, check it out here:  LifeHacker: 13 Ways to

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More on Motivation

So, the more I thought about my last post on motivation, the more I thought it was sort of a cop out on my part. Sure, all of those things are true for me. They are all tools that I

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