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Breaking the Grip of Fear of Success: 3 Tools

I know that fear of success is real. I know it causes your heart to beat fast in your chest. I understand that the LAST thing you want to do is ask someone to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

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Podcast: Digital Lizard Podcast Episode 1: Fear

Welcome to the first episode of the Digital Lizard Podcast. I thought I’d start the series off with a brief discussion of fear. You know, that thing that entrepreneurs and life hackers DON’T like to talk about. Hear a little

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Tiny Book Review: Do the Work

Read “Do the Work” on my Kindle. Good book. A few good insights. The 3 act model is good. Reverse thinking model is similar to GTD project model. Slaying the resistance dragon is a good visualization of the fear all

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Guard Your Associations Well

This article from Entrepreneur magazine really hit home for me. I have lived through this scenario several times during the 20+ years of owning several businesses. Here is a summary for those who just want the meat: “One of the

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A Moment with the End in Mind

Yesterday, I spent around an hour or so at the spot where my ashes will be scattered when I pass on. I won’t tell you exactly where, but it is on the windward side of Aruba, where the waves crash

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The Power of a Picture

The other day, I had an interesting experience. I was working with a client in my information security company, and we had been struggling for about an hour to discuss a group of technology sites that needed to be tested.

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When Are You Available? Breaking the Back of Meeting Request Loops

One of the things I hate most, as an entrepreneur and modern knowledge worker, is the never ending trouble of scheduling meetings. Meetings themselves are a death nail of productivity, to be sure, but that’s a whole other topic. Instead,

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Reflections on a Pitch Session

I attended an entrepreneur lunch session today, and I was struck by how many folks are full of great ideas. Ideas that could turn into powerful products and services, EXCEPT that the people who seemed to be discussing them appeared

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Guest Post: 80/20 Marketing

Profits and the Pareto Principle By Perry Marshall   How to Earn Disproportionate Profits from High-End Customers      Young people will be excused if they can only think of coffee in terms of decadent delights, indie folk music, and

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Give Yourself The Permission to Face Your Fears

Give yourself permission to do something out of the box.  Today, technology has made having your own radio or TV show so simple that it’s a shame not to do it. Sure, you might not get it on broadcast radio

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