The Lizards at Digital Lizard love to spread the message. Our experts are available to perform public speaking, classes and seminars on life hacking, entrepreneurship, technology, privacy, information security or even life in the Caribbean. Whether you want a speaker, author or teacher for a large, medium or small group - our Lizards are on it. Virtual and physical sessions are available - just ask!


The Lizards have developed a wide range of technological and life hacking techniques that they are happy to apply to your problems. Perhaps you need to engage with an EDSAM expert to help optimize your workflow, or you need some one on one technical help with a tough networking issue that other geeks can't seem to help with. The Lizards are here to put their brains to work for you!


Nothing thrills the Lizards more than to make something new. Some of what we make are "bits" - code, sites, new applications for a variety of platforms. Some of what we make are "atoms" - custom tech, new tools, odd bits of hardware, plastic and metal. Sometimes, we also make "ideas" - the most powerful of all our creations, like new processes, research and new ways to use something old!