A Moment with the End in Mind

Yesterday, I spent around an hour or so at the spot where my ashes will be scattered when I pass on. I won’t tell you exactly where, but it is on the windward side of Aruba, where the waves crash and cascade against the rocks. There are hundreds of shades of blues and greens in the water. The foam and sea spray play themselves out as intricate dancers in a never ending performance of earth, wind and sky. It is captivating, musical and engaging in a way that I can not even begin to describe with mere words.

The sea calls to me there. It beckons me to spend the rest of eternity infinitely surfing and resting in the arms of the great mother ocean. There, I am at peace. I am rest. I am clear. And, so with my thanks for the respite, I climbed out of the location and left my ultimate destination behind for another time. Some day, it will be my day to reside there, but yesterday, and so far today, it’s not now. That is also something I am thankful for. 

I share this moment with you, dear readers, because I want you to understand that it is one of the things that drives me as an entrepreneur. I have one more day. One more trick up my sleeve. One more post. One more idea. One more conversation. One more introduction. One more compile. One more hug still left in me. But, even as I awaken each day with the question of “How can I make life better for others today?”, I am also keenly aware that I only have so many days. That thought, more than the freedom and rewards of entrepreneurship, keeps me going. It gives me the strength to push through the criticisms, the personal attacks, the slander, the jibes, the nay sayers, the dream stealers and those who are only short focused on money, success and status. It keeps me, not just alive, but actually striving to enjoy the life I am blessed to lead.

Whenever I am faced with the challenge of how to move forward, or how to handle what often feels like too heavy a weight to bear, I anchor back to the place by the sea. I recognize that today is not my day to rest and surf in the azure for eternity. Then, I pull up my big boy pants, plant my feet, try to find the love in my heart and look for the lesson in what I am faced with. I progress. I breathe. I give thanks for the opportunity to touch the lives of others and I try to find a way to create a win/win. Usually, I am successful. Sometimes, not so much. But, I work hard to forgive others for hurt and anger, both real and imagined. I also strive ever forward trying to forgive myself for transgressions, both real and imagined. I try and do my best, for myself, my loved ones, my customers, my partners, my employees and all of you, my tribe.

I don’t know what keeps other entrepreneurs going. I don’t know if everyone has a reminder that drives them forward. But, this is mine. Maybe, by sharing it, I can help you recognize yours. Maybe my shared moment by the sea will get you thinking. Maybe you will decide how you will spend the rest of the “only so many days” that you have in your account. Either way, thanks for reading and thanks for indulging me in telling my story. 🙂

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